Disposable Medical Supplies – Not Just For Hospitals Anymore

Disposable Medical Supplies offer many advantages that are recognized by many different industries from hospitals, to private medical clinics, home health care as well as tattoo artists and cosmetology applications. Such items as disposable isolation gowns, gloves, bouffant caps, bandages, gauze, cotton swabs, and tongue depressors have been disposable for decades, but with increased concern about cross contamination and stricter health code regulations, more and more items such as scalpels, needles, and even bed sheets are transitioning to being disposable. Using disposable medical supplies can be beneficial both in convenience and health safety.

Hospitals are known to be perfect settings of potential infection and cross contamination issues. This creates a unique challenge to keep these issues at a minimum especially with the serious risk that infections can so easily spread from one patient to another. Patients with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to acquiring new infections and developing other health issues as a result. That is why it has always been hospitals that are large users of disposable medical supplies. Hospital medical personnel and administrators know it is critical that germ spreading be kept to as absolute a minimum as possible by using as many disposable products as they can. Being able to dispose of an exam gown, soiled sheet, face mask or syringe instead of having to clean and sterilize them not only saves time but ensures that if a patient is exceptionally infectious or highly vulnerable to infections, then there is minimal chance of germs being spread.

Doctors’ offices and private medical clinics are finding that by using as many disposable medical supplies they can save time and money and get patients treated much faster. Not having to stop to sterilize something can make in-office medical procedures be done more quickly as well and have less chance of infecting any open wounds. Use of disposable medical products is far more advanced than the tongue depressors and hypodermic needles of years past. Now private medical clinics use everything from disposable exam gowns to exam table sheets.

Home healthcare regulations have become much stricter in the past few years and many states are now requiring that disposable medical products be provided to home bound patients under the care of a home health provider. This not only ensures there is little or no cross contamination between patients, but also that each patient has clean and sterilized products to help promote healing or keep any further health issues from occurring.

There are many uses for disposable medical products outside the medical field. Tattoo artists use disposable gloves and needles to ensure the safety of the tattoo process and eliminate chances of tattoo site infections. Many electrologists use disposable gloves and probes in their procedures. Acupuncturists are also finding that by using disposable needles they do not risk a chance of cross contamination infections. There are many different types of cosmetic service providers that are finding the use of disposable medical supplies to be very cost effective.

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