Bouffant Caps – Keeping Day Care Food Clean

A bouffant cap is a type of cap that completely covers all of the hair on an individual’s head. The name comes from the bouffant hairstyle that was worn by women during the 18th century in Europe. This hairstyle was also popular in Western culture during the 1960’s. A bouffant hairstyle is characterized by hair piled high on the head and handing down on the sides.

These caps are worn when it is important to keep products and areas sanitized and clean. They should always be worn when serving food in childcare centers. They successfully prevent stray hairs from falling. Most of the time the caps are made from polypropylene or other woven materials. There is an elastic band around the rim of the cap. The elastic rim keeps the cap snug on individual’s heads and also prevents stray hairs from falling. By wearing caps, areas and products will be free of stray hair. They can be worn by men or women and can cover any hairstyle. These great products for containing hair are an economical and smart way to provide head covering. Most daycare employees are required by the state to wear bouffant caps when working with food.

Hairnets are a popular type of cap worn by many cafeteria workers. Some characteristics of hairnets include looking like mesh and being relatively invisible. It is especially important to wear hairnets when working with food products. This prevents food from becoming contaminated.

Whether it is legally required or not, head covering should always be worn when working with food. Childcare employees should always be required to wear head coverings that prevent hair from falling into products are areas. This will help keep daycare facilities clean and children healthy!